the time has come

for me to rant about tech shit




Live now! Tune in.

They’ve still got it wrong. 
It’s pretty amazing to me that they still don’t get that we don’t want bloatware. 
Anyone notice a pattern here? 
The next nano could be the best one yet. 
Or it could not, and the 5th generation could continue being the best. 
But here’s the pattern, if you don’t see all of it: 
1. New form factor, usually with a new arrangement of screen and input tech we’ve already seen. 
2. Same form factor, with more features or improvements. 
3. A new, weird experimental form factor, usually with changes to input method and the screen. This would be the 3rd gen, with it’s smaller click wheel and larger widescreen display, and then the 6th gen, the tiny touchscreen cube. Often missing features or less ergonomically refined than the previous generation. 
4. Repeat. Goes back to a familiar form factor, but retains most of the improvements of the experimental generation. This would be the fourth generation nano, which retained the wide screen and smaller click wheel of the 3rd generation, but put it back into a candybar.

So I got Mini vMac for android working… 
Totally unusable on this tiny freaking 3.2 inch resistive screen but hey. Still cool imho. 
Actually, with a DS stylus it works pretty okay. 

Tumblr’s quick post widget is possibly the best thing.