the time has come

for me to rant about tech shit

this camera is damn impressive. First off, it’s absolutely beautiful imho. It’s so simplified. Just a rectangle, with only a few subtle seams. On the back there is nothing but a black bezel and the display. I absolutely love the aesthetics.

And then, there’s the specs.

It’s important to remember that three years ago, when I bought my sd1200is, which is essentially the same form factor and price level of this camera from back then, 3x optical zoom and 10 mp was standard in a camera of this size.

this has 12x optical zoom in the same size body.

my gosh.

with canon’s 10 mp sensors, they generally add around 9-10x digital zoom, and it looks alright due to some noise reduction algorithms and the optical stabilization. That stabilization’s gotten better since I bought mine, and the sensors have gotten better too. That means this thing should in a pinch be capable of around 22x combined zoom and still shoot decent pictures…

all in this tiny body.

and then it’s got a huge display because it’s a touchscreen and all the buttons are virtual, and can transfer photos over wifi.

This is amazing.

I may have to say that the G1X isn’t my favorite anymore.


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